Tuesday, October 26, 2010

the playroom

i turned my scrapbook room into a playroom for sadie! i've still got my desk in there and sb stuff in the closet, but i love that she's got a separate room to play in and cubbies for all of her toys.
the cubby holder is the expedit shelving unit from ikea turned horizontally
the pink bins i got at target on clearance...also the abc canvas and pillows my desk on the other side of the room (from world market)
freshly organized closet

i managed to condense all of my scrapbook stuff into 3 shelves and it feels great!

8 years ago today mike and i said "i do!" here we are at our little family anniversary lunch at the best sandwich shoppe ever (cause that's how they spell shoppe on their sign ;)

tonight, nana is babysitting and we're going to dinner and a movie. yippee!!

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  1. Happy Anniversary! Playroom is adorable and congrats on all your organizing. I know how wonderful it feels for everything to have a place.