Friday, October 22, 2010

organization time

thanks girlies for all of your sweet comments on my what i wore post! i promise next week will be better ;) somehow in the last 9 months (since sadie was born), i've lost my trendiness. could it be that i'm in yoga pants and a t-shirt most of the time now? so this week i've been determined to wear cute stuff and put jewelry on and spend time on my hair, and i have to say, i feel like the old me a little bit!!
so i've been completely inspired by this girly to get my booty in gear and organize my house. i really love to organize but i was at the stage where i had such a long list of things that needed organization that i was overwhelmed. my mom and sis will disagree with that one, they think i'm constantly purging and cleaning out and reorganizing! but even though things are neat and clean at my house (for the most part) i didn't feel like i was utilizing my space for the way we actually live.
here was my first project...the armoire in our bathroom.
this is mid way through the organizing and here it is finished. should it bother me that the pillows still look cluttered on the top shelf? or is that my 'everything needs to be perfect' coming out?

this is our hallway coat closet except we don't store coats in there.
the was so bad i had to lean against the door to get it shut!

the after- woo hoo!

this week i have reorganized the guest room closet which also holds my maternity clothes and sadie's clothes that she's outgrown that i'm keeping if we ever have chica #2.
and i organized her closet and got mike to put all the tiny baby toys and gear in the attic.
i made my scrapbook room into a playroom for sadie!! i still have my scrapbook desk on one side in case i decide to get crafty one of these days. but the major work was in the closet. what is it with me and messy closets? i purged majorly and organized all my remaining sb stuff on 3 small shelves. i am so happy and tired! and i'll share pics of those projects next week.
for now, have a fantastic weekend! my mom's giving us an anniversary party tommorrow night. it's 8 years on tuesday!


  1. Looks SO good Danielle! I love it! Organizing is too much fun. I love meeting people who love it like I do because my family and friends think I'm crazy. :)

    Thanks for linking me! You have a beautiful family.

  2. Wow! Good for you! I always feel sooooo good after I purge and organize! Such a Carpe Diem feeling! Now, to just keep everything in it's place! Oh...and to teach an almost 8 year old, 5 year old and almost 2 year old to do the same! ha!

  3. P.S.
    Our leopard carpet is in Jon's office (right off the entry) and up the stairs (entry) and down the upstairs hallway. A little goes a long way! It adds some punch...a little bit of fun! We redid 7 rooms b/f I had Henry and my #1 request was leopard hubs says it was my "push gift"! :)