Sunday, October 3, 2010

First trip to the zoo

yesterday was so gorgeous here, a perfect day to take sadie to the zoo for the first time! i love her expression in this picture ;) a huge tortoise

a classic sadie face

this was the cutest little squirrel monkey! i could have taken him home! sadie was fascinated by the huge aquarium...she stared for the longest time at all the pretty fish

my favorite animal of the day! is it a jaguar or a cheetah? whatever it is, it's beautiful

a couple of bison

here we are in front of the elephants...

who put on a really good show for us!

sleeping lions. he looked like he had hilights in his hair!

sadie and daddy at the end of the day

for our size city, we have a fantastic zoo! we'll be going again soon!


  1. what a great day! I love that face Sadie makes ~ it cracks me up!!!

  2. Oh how I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the animals at the zoo! (Of course, I then want to free them all! Ha!) Looks like such a great time! Henry loves the aquarium part too...penguins zipping by at his eye level! So cute!

  3. what cute pictures! glad you all had such a fun day. that's so sweet that she loves the aquarium--she's a true water girl!