Monday, October 25, 2010


saturday night, my mom and les threw our anniversary party at their house. we had so much fun eating, talking, and opening presents!

we had planned to go out to dinner, but it was baylor's homecoming and the restaurant was going to be packed, so mom and my aunts made this amazing dinner for us. lasagna, chicken parm, salad, breadsticks, and chocolate and italian cream cakes. brightly wrapped presents

susanne, chris, and mckinlee braved the horrible weather in dallas to drive down to be here! loved this picture of them!

sadie got so many cute presents, she was a little overwhelmed but had so much fun. here she is giving her new monkey a kiss

and a precious zebra outfit

i gave mike an ebelskiver pan and mix's a long and funny story, but he used to eat these little puff pancakes growing up in northern cali. he made them for us sunday morning and they were fantastic!

the cutest musical tea set for sadie belle

i've been wanting a deep skillet and this was perfect

a zebra boot to match her dress

we also got money (always good!), gift cards, a throw from pottery barn, cool cups for soup, charms for my pandora bracelet, and lots of other goodies!

this was us on our anniversary last things have changed!

we've had a little drama at our house too. mike was trying to put our golf clubs in the attic last night, you know as part of my quest for organization, and he fell through the attic into our laundry room closet! i was feeding sadie and heard a crash then a banging, but i thought he was trying to catch a mouse or something. i felt so bad that i didn't come and see what was going on. he's bruised and cut and in pain, but thankfully nothing was broken (except our ceiling of course ;)
and then i got him patched up and to bed, and sadie woke up crying from 11 to 1:15 this morning and again at 5 am. i don't know if she's just teething or has an ear infection, but it was not fun. so it's going to be an easy day around here. naps, exercising, and soup sound good to me!


  1. Looks like a wonderful party! Happy Anniversary! And how wonderful that cutie S. was gifted! (Love the zebra boots!) Your family sounds great...thoughtful. And WOW...falling thru the ceiling? Oh my! Glad to hear M's okay! Hope everyone is back on track soon! (Up all night makes for such a long~YAWN~day, doesn't it?)

  2. we had so much fun and you all got such nice things! SO SO sorry about mike--hope he can walk today. and what a terrible night! i bet you did have a nice, lazy day today :)