Sunday, October 21, 2012

randoms, a visit from family, and the park

hi! another week has gone by! last weekend mike's sister and her husband came to stay with us, so sadie was SO excited auntie lindsey and uncle bran bran were here! we had so much fun with them.

don't sadie and linsey favor each other?
 before they left on sunday
 sadie showing the love ;)
 we went to the park one afternoon this week and the weather was just perfect...not too hot or breezy...great for sliding and swinging.

what else? oh we also went to the our local zoo for the first "brew at the zoo" where they had different beers from all over that you could sample, food, and a band. it was pretty fun! looking forward to "grapes with the apes" in the spring!

friday mike and i went to austin for the day to shop and go to a spa and eat of was one of our favorite days we've had together in a long time! we just enjoyed being together, uninterrupted, for a whole day. it's amazing how you take that for granted before kids! but in the afternoon, we were already missing our sweet sadie, and made it home to tuck her in bed that night!

don't know if it's allergies or a relapse of bronchitis but i'm feeling crummy again today. boo.

on a brighter note, this week is hair color week! thinking i'll be blond again by thursday. i'll take pics and show you!

happy new week!


  1. Can't believe how grown up Miss S. Looks! I've always loved her adorable curls! Hope you feel better soon! Our temps have gone up some...making it beautiful here....but geez....allergies are crazy wild! I get my hair colored too (I know...and everyone always thought all those highlights were natural! Ha!). I always feel like a new gal after the hair salon! Have a great week, D!

    1. Thanks girly! I think the crazy weather doesn't help with allergies! Yeah I love When my hair is freshly colored..your always looks cute!!

  2. I love the park pictures!! Sadie is growing up so fast. I've always thought Sadie looks like her Aunt Lindsey. What a cutie!!!! Hope you are feeling better today.

    1. i can't believe she's almost 3! i am feeling better today thanks! and it was so good to see ya'll yesterday :)

  3. OOps!!! Above is from Sheri

  4. You have had some fun times lately! I love pictures where everyone looks happy! Cute Cute!