Friday, June 26, 2009

{new loves}

these are not my toes!

hi girls! i treated myself to a mani/pedi this morning. can i just tell you how fabulous it was?! she spent so much time on me and gave me a great massage...which is my favorite part!

after that, i met mike for lunch at buffalo wild wings, and it was so good. i got the boneless parmesan garlic wings....ooooh yum! and tonight we're meeting tim and kali at taco casa and then going to see transformers. it should be a great night!

so i've changed the look of the blog. tell me what you think, honestly! i wanted something a little more classic looking, but if you're not digging it, let me know.

okay...on to friday loves... since i've been spending more time at home (school's out for the summer and i've been baby nauseous most days) i've starting reading some cool new blogs. so i thought this week, instead of clothes, shoes, or jewelry, i would link to a few blogs that entertain me...

1. this is a cute hairdresser...i like her style!

2. i want to live in her beach cottage in australia

3. a southern diva with an adorable new baby girl

4. simple ideas and good family menu plans

5. love her clothing style...she gives daily updates of what she's worn that day



  1. Wow! A lot can happen in the two weeks I have been occupied with Pioneer School! Like your New always your blog is so interesting!

  2. Hey! Thanks for the link-love! Your pics from around your home are beautiful. I love your style!