Wednesday, June 24, 2009

baby names

i just read sarah jessica and matthew's surrogate had their twin girls. since baby names are definitely on my mind right now, i found the names they picked a little strange. i'm all about names that are unique and not like everyone else...but marion loretta elwell and tabitha hodge?! they sound like they should already be 70 years old...sorry, i just don't get those names.

we have talked about baby names for literally years...some of my favorites for girls were berkley, hadley, harper, ava, grayson, and marin and for boys carson, cole, finn, and landon. the names we've chosen (as of right now, cause you know it could change) are
sadie grey
hudson crew
naming a baby is a hard thing to do...we want a name that's fun, not too traditional, and one that they will like. although when i was little, i did not want to be danielle elise...i wanted to be named ashley or lindsay! and my niece wanted her name to be madeline, not mckinlee (which is funny because that's what susanne was originally going to name her) and i was just talking to a lady at a jewelry store who said her little girl's name is isabella (love it) and she does not like her name at all! so i don't know if it's possible to pick a name that your child will love for sure!


  1. What happened to Sadie Harper? That was cute. Not to say that Sadie Grey isn't! =) Just curious.

  2. i've loved grey for a long time and thought it sounded really cute with sadie...but i still love harper too. this is hard :)

  3. i like classic names as much as the next person, but don't those names sound like 2 old grandmas? hopefully they'll call them mari and tabi! your names, on the other hand, are darling!

  4. thank you! i hope we still like them when the baby comes...