Sunday, June 14, 2009

covered dish...

is a covered dish party just a southern thing? i have grown up going to covered dish parties...where everyone brings a veggie or meat or dessert and you combine them all for dinner. is it called something else in other states? just wondering...anyway, we went to a covered dish party this saturday to welcome mom and les back to texas. it was at my aunt and uncle's gorgeous home on the river (where mike and i got married) and they had t-ball for the kids, fishing off the dock, and music (they have a country band). it was so much fun, just really hot!

but this first pic was of nana and mckinlee at the pool on thursday. mckinlee came to stay with the grandmas this week and i got to do some fun stuff with them too! we went to the children's museum and to get her nails painted on friday. here's pics of the party saturday...

and here is my 8 week picture. is it just me or is my belly getting huge?! actually, i know it's not just me, because everybody that sees me says 'are you sure you're not further along?'

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