Wednesday, June 10, 2009


i LOVE summer! it's my favorite season of the year. i love going to the pool, barbecues, breezy nights, pretty flowers, everything! the other night we went to mom and les' house for dinner. their backyard is so pretty right now...i thought this little pot with flowers in it looked so sweet!and they planted new herbs...

in my lucky magazine i got yesterday, i found two products that i want to start using. the first are these eye makeup remover pads. the girl's story about these was hilarious. if you have the magazine, it's on pg. 88. it sounded just like me...trying to wipe off my eye makeup on my white washcloths and getting them all dirty. then having raccoon circles of black under my eyes where it didn't come off. so i'll let you know how these work!

and the second is this gel oil from johnson's. it's supposed to be "nourishing with a light and fresh scent" and not sticky and gross like most oils. and it's under $5!


  1. I love physicians formula products. I use baby oil and cotton pads to remove eye makeup, removes waterproof mascara really well ;)

  2. good to know! can't wait to try them:)