Tuesday, June 16, 2009

tuesday thoughts...

i love this candle. it's mango, i think from tommy bahama's. i've talked about this before, how smells have such an effect on me. like today...i've had a headache and have been hungry all.day.long. which after a whole day of it, i was leaning towards being in a very bad mood. but i decided to light my satsuma fragrance oil from the body shop and the refreshing smell of orange made me so happy. i also refilled my sugar and splenda container on our coffee bar and cleaned my kitchen countertops. doing those few things got me inspired.
i decided to prepare all my food for tonight's dinner and to start cooking it early because i know i'll be starving by 5:30 (hehe!) i was even inspired to start a new scrapbook layout that's been sitting in my scrapbook room for weeks. and i'm going to start my memory pregnancy book (got the CUTEST papers and mini album at crop-paper-scissors this weekend)
speaking of pregnancy...we went to our first official ob appt. yesterday. our little raspberry is doing fine. heartbeat was 182 per minute and everything looks great! mike got to see the baby for the first time, so it was really awesome. i am thankful in prayer every day of my life for this little baby!

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