Wednesday, February 1, 2012

she's growing up

wow! it seems like 2 is such a turning point! no longer a baby, and already doing big girl things...

*like wearing mama's high heels 

 *insisting that her nails be painted pink before going to the grocery store yesterday
*wanting so badly to lay in her "big girl bed" but still loving the security of her crib--yeah last night was interesting--we put the toddler bed together, she was so excited, but ended up not sleeping in it..but that's okay, we're not pushing it right now and honestly i like the containment of the crib ;)

*and loving wearing her princess belle dress for the first time!
i love this series of pictures-first she's checking out the dress, then excitement, then of course she has to twirl in it, because that's what you do while wearing a princess dress!

hope you are having a great wednesday! it's 77 degrees here and perfect sunny skies!


  1. what a beautiful little princess! can't wait to see her new bed!

  2. Oh my.. that is one pretty fun!