Sunday, February 5, 2012

our weekend!

hi there! we've had a fun and busy weekend! first, here's a cute picture of sadie while she was walking and talking the other day (it's hard to get one of her standing still ;)
 friday we met kami and parker and jennifer and logan for lunch at chuy's...all the kids were great and we had such a fun lunch
 parker and logan checking each other out
 and a cute one of the 6 of us, but what really cracks me up are the two people behind us...every time i look at this picture, it makes me smile!
 yesterday afternoon, mom took some family pictures of us in the backyard. i'm having a hard time deciding on which one is my favorite...could you help me?
option #1
 option #2
 besides the fact that it was freezing outside, sadie was NOT in the mood for pictures and would hardly smile at all! but she was interested in the shells and lanterns on the outdoor fireplace!
 and tonight we had a few couples over for a superbowl party...just the right amount of people and so much fun!

 the food of course was delish, we had chicken tortellini soup and veggie beef soup for the main course, along with buffalo chicken dip, mini zucchini pizzas, homemade salsa and chips, cheeses and crackers, snickerdoodles and strawberry angel food trifle! oh and skinny strawberry margaritas! yum.
 miss s was more into coloring and watching aristocats than the football game, which was just fine with me...although i did get really into it in the 4th quarter. a good and close game!!
have a great week!


  1. Love that pic @ Chuy's! The background posers are so funny! Thanks for a great time at your house! The food was yummy and that strawberry margarita was so refresing! Luv, Mom

  2. I've followed you for a while now and I love that I am so familiar with all of the places y'all go...Chuy's, the Mayborn Museum, etc. I teach Kindergarten and live in a small town outside of Waco.

    And I'm really loving your cute short hair...I'm trying to hold off until summer and then I'm cutting it off!