Monday, February 6, 2012

2 year check up

(i'm mainly writing this post for me, so i can remember how big she was)
today we finally went to sadie's 2 year check up at the doctor...i was sick when she turned two, so we're a month late getting to the doctor.  she did great! she loves her doctor and was asking if she could check his ears with his special expensive light thing (technical term ;) so he let her and then she climbed right up in his lap and talked to him for quite awhile!

-sadie weighs 34 pounds and is 37 inches tall! dr. n. said at this rate, she'll be 5'10"!

i had deferred a couple of shots, so she had to get her MMR and Hep A shots, but was so brave.  The shot in the arm she just looked at, didn't even cry, but the shot in the leg must have stung because she cried for a couple of minutes and said "i'm so sad."  daddy surprised her with a green apple lollipop, so that made everything better!


  1. what a brave girl--love that outfit on her! do you really think she'll be that tall? wow--i better start buying some tall heels!! :)

  2. What a big girl! She looked so cute--I bet the Dr. adores her! Kisses & hugs! Nana

  3. She is getting so big! Hard to believe she is two years old already! Enjoy her toddler years.....they go fast!!! I miss Brooke being that age! ~Sheri