Thursday, February 16, 2012

{the pantry}

i told you i was going to organize my pantry this week...well i had big plans to paint the walls a beautiful light aqua and order labels from here, but staying home with a sick sadie belle all week kind of changed my plans!

i haven't had a chance to go to the paint store to buy paint and i couldn't look at this mess any longer {see below}
so i decided to just go for it.  an organized, non painted pantry was what it was going to be.
of course i picked late afternoon when i need to be cooking dinner, sadie is fussy, i don't feel good and am in a bit of mood, to start organizing. ha!

so the pantry went from this...
 (sadie helping me organize. isn't her pony tail the cutest?!)
 to this...
 and this...
 and this... (it was so bad in our kitchen, i left a message on mike's cell to be prepared ;)
 to THIS!!!!!!!!
i still am going to order the cute labels from etsy for my flour, sugar, etc. but doesn't it look SO beautiful??!!

i used existing baskets and glass jars, and tried to organize the pantry for the way we really eat and you can see the waffle mix and syrup with the waffle maker next to it. and the snacks on the bottom for easy access.  i also tried to put things up higher that i don't use every day, like my crockpots, blender, etc...
 the white basket holds all our tea and hot chocolate with my tea pitchers next to it, so when i need to make iced tea, i can grab the tea bags and a pitcher.
 i put my pasta and spaghetti sauce next to each other, so i can grab it for an easy spaghetti dinner.  and all the snacks, chips, cookies and things like that on the bottom shelf so they are easy to reach and as sadie gets older, she can just grab a snack herself.
painted or not, i am SO SO very happy with my newly organized pantry. i may or may not have stood in there several times yesterday just soaking in the organization!!

happy {almost} weekend!


  1. Wow! It does look great and makes you feel much better! The painting will be the easy part now! Mom

    1. that looks so amazing! that must make you feel so good--in the middle of your crazy week. i have GOT to organize mine soon (i would be so embarrassed for you to see mine right now.)

    2. it does make me feel better! if i'm feeling stressed, i just go stand in my pantry! ;)

  2. Your pantry looks great! I am so impressed!