Friday, January 27, 2012

playroom changes!

hi! aren't you glad it's friday?! i am. not a whole lot planned for this weekend-well a pampered chef party that i'm excited about because i'm in desperate need of kitchen tools! and we're having friends over saturday night! but other than that, just some furniture rearranging, spray painting, and
 project life-ing!

so sadie's playroom has been in need of a little sprucing up.  it's a {small} room with a bunch of toys stuffed into it. but the way i had the room set up wasn't really working for us, so yesterday we did some organizing and rearranging, and now sadie and i both love it!

here is a view walking into the room. i got that adorable pink butterfly at hobby lobby yesterday!
looking into the room...mike found the ABC foam rug at Lowe's yesterday, and it has been quite the hit around here.  plus it's educational, so i'm loving it :) the storage shelf i got at ikea forever ago, and the pink toy bins i got at target. i had the shelf on it's side but it takes up less room standing up. i tried to put the toys she plays with more in the lower shelves so they're easy to get to.
i moved my desk/computer against this wall and her table and chairs against the wall too. i had her table in the center of the room but it just took up too much space, so this way she can color/draw/etc. while i'm on the computer. the ABC canvas i *LOVE* ! got it at target last year, and it's just precious (plus educational-do you see a theme with me?)
the CREATE letters my sister and i did at a donna downey class years ago, but i just love them so much still! and the pink floating shelves i got at target on clearance last year.
and here's miss sadie enjoying her playroom!
happy friday!


  1. oh i like it set up this way! and sadie seems to be enjoying it too--cute girl!
    have a fun weekend--be sure and post what you get done on project life :)

  2. What a fun PLAY ROOM! Plenty of room for creative fun for Sadie and you!

  3. Just adorable! Love what you've done and the alphabet rug is perfect! Love, Mom