Monday, January 9, 2012

sadie-isms at 23 months

 although the picture above looks like sadie is sticking the flower stem up her nose, she wasn't!! i just thought she looked so sweet in this picture. 

here are a *few* of the funny things, she's saying at 23 months...
 "mama, you are the sweetest mama i ever seen"

at the dinner table she will ask mike "daddy, how your day is? how the kids?" cracks us up every time

the other day she was putting socks on her hands and said "this is fascinating"

puts her hands on my cheek and says "don't worry mama, we'll fix you up."

mike put her blanket over her chair and ottoman like a tent and told her to use her imagination.  the blanket fell and she said "oh no, my imagination fell over."

if something falls or she drops something she says "uh oh sabedego" instead of "uh oh spagetti-o"...i love this because she usually says all of her words so clearly, so it's cute to have one mispronounced!

i cannot believe my baby girl will be 2 in exactly one week!!


  1. oh my goodness--those are hysterical! love that picture of her too.

  2. She is too funny! I just love her!!!