Monday, January 23, 2012

2 years old!!

i canNOT believe sadie is 2 years old! she turned two one week ago, but i've been really sick the past week and haven't felt like blogging...anyway, she is a ball of energy and so much fun!

she weighs 33 pounds, wears, 2T-3T clothes, and size 8 shoes
 some of her new favorites are playing "campground", using shovels to "dug" in the ground, and painting pictures
 she takes one nap every afternoon after lunch and goes to sleep around 8-8:30 each night...she sleeps about 11 hours at  night...she recently climbed on top of crib, so we bought a toddler bed but haven't transitioned her to it yet.  mainly because mommy and daddy aren't ready for it!!
 she uses complete sentences for everything now...we have great conversations each day, and i stay amazed at everything she knows/remembers
-she counts to 16 in english and 8 in spanish
-she can say all of her ABC's and knows her colors
-she knows the words to most of the songs we sing
 her favorite shows are little einsteins and mickey mouse club, she loves to watch the tinkerbell movie, peter pan, and cinderella
 sadie is all about climbing right now...on fear at all!
 she is sweet and kind and introduces herself to most anybody. we love her so so much!!

here is our 3rd attempt at a family pic the other night ;) oh well.


  1. Such a pretty little girl!! What a fun time y'all are having with her....Can't wait to see y'all, hopefully soon:)

  2. LOVE these pictures! that little striped blazer is the cutest thing i've ever seen!! love all her different hairstyles :)

  3. That's the cutest picture of Sadie laying her head on the sofa arm...She's such a sweet little character! Love her, love her! Mom