Tuesday, January 3, 2012

catch up

wow! these past few weeks have been busy busy! 
i have so many pictures from fun activites we've done and no energy to write about them all ;)

so here's the short version...a trip to the museum with friends

 quality time with mimi and zizi
 fun dinner party

 hamburger night with friends
oh and i didn't mention all this fun was laced with mama being sick for 2+ weeks-bronchitis and cold...sadie getting sick too (thankfully not as bad)!

so ready for spring and warm weather!!


  1. it looks like you had a fun time at the museum--i just love that place!
    we had a fun week with you, but were sorry you felt so bad.

  2. Love the museum pics and so cute of Sadie, MiMi, ZiZi!Precious pillow pic with little friends. Another good family pic of you'al. Party pics turned out nice too! Mom