Saturday, July 24, 2010

what we've been up to...

wednesday we went to a baby shower at our office for a girl who is due next month! she's having a little girl named harper.
here are sadie and nana
what would i do without nana? she helps me SO much with sadie. and sadie loves her nana! i'm having a bad hair situation. i don't like the way my stylist cut my hair, then i got mom to cut me bangs the other day but they sort of just go to the side weirdly. any hair suggestions? note to self *don't wear that shirt again...makes me look really wide in the middle*
last night we had les, mom, and mamajeanne over for hamburgers. it was nice and relaxing and yummy! here are daddy and sadie chilling in the living room

sadie was so tired in these pictures, she looks a little dazed

after we took this picture, mamajeanne said "huh, i had a weird look on my face" :)
i showed her my blog post i wrote about my grandaddy, and she thought it was so sweet. my mom was balling after i read it, and mamajeanne said 'i just can hardly talk about him without getting sad' she misses him so much-we all do.

after we put sadie to bed, mike and i watched the edited version of the heartbreak kid on tbs. pretty funny! we all slept badly...i got up at least 10 times to potty (can we say bladder infection?!) and sadie cried out in her sleep a lot which woke me up each time. mike got up with her at 6 to eat then we all went back to sleep until 9! we never sleep that late anymore-so nice.
then i went in the ministry with mom and les while mike worked in the yard.
this afternoon i met with our photographer that will be doing pics of sadie and i and her 6 month pics. SO EXCITED! can't wait to see how they turn out! we're both wearing white summer dresses, then she has a bright outfit for her pics by herself.

we got logan's roadhouse for dinner and are relaxing at home tonight.
here we are taking a walk after dinner...

mom got one of those birthing balls (i don't know what their real name is) to help with her back pain and she got a really good dvd to use with it, so i'm going to do that tonight after sadie goes to sleep since i didn't make it to the gym today.
good night friends!


  1. Sadie looks adorable in her Jackie O. shades! Your hair always looks cute! I just had mine cut up and added bangs. It's extremely humid here, so I feel like I'm back in the 80's again with HUGE HAIR! Ugh! :)

  2. The pics are wonderful!! I really like the one with Sadie and Dad lying head to head on the floor...she is looking just like her daddy!!! It's amazing to watch your baby grow during their first year of life. They go through so many changes and their looks seem to change too. Some times they look more like Mommy and others like Daddy...WOW! Take care.

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  4. sadie looks adorable and you look great!! your stomach has completely disappeared--you have been working really hard, i can tell!