Sunday, March 14, 2010

all you need is love

on thursday afternoon braely came over to see sadie and visit with me. it was so nice to catch up and talk since we don't live in the same city anymore! and i'm so glad i got a picture of she and sadie because she got pictures of me with amelia and luke after they were born (those are her precious kids)
on friday, we had a girls' lunch at was so much fun!

i LOVE this picture of jennifer with sadie!

and saturday night was mom and les' 1st anniversary party! i can't believe they've already been married a year...we went to se cocina for dinner (the BEST mexican food restaurant!) then we all came back to our house for dessert and presents...

susanne and mckinlee (chris couldn't make it)

peggy and aaron

vicki and nathan

they got some great gifts for their new house. did i tell you they're building a house just down the street from us? (most convenient for babysitting ;)

the pink cupcakes were strawberry, the green were chocolate, and the orange were italian cream. so YUMMY!! and the fruit tray was delish too!

it was such fun weekend! tonight we're going to enjoy the gorgeous spring weather and grill ribs for dinner. and i'm determined to organize my closet too while susanne and mckinlee are here for spring break.
happy sunday!


  1. What beautiful pictures!! So glad you had a nice visit with your sweet friend, Braely.
    Fun lunch!
    Thank you and Susanne for such a pretty & special 1st anniversary party! It was wonderful and so wonderful to spend with those we love!!!

  2. Adorable Sadie! I love the spring table spread that you created for your mother and her husband! Lovely!