Monday, March 8, 2010

online shopping

i was not feeling well this weekend, so i decided to do a little online shopping. that's always a good cure for a stomachache isn't it?
i started a j.crew and got a really cute rosette tissue tee and a couple of light sweaters perfect for spring.
then i made my way to anthro and found this beautiful dress that i'm going to wear to memorial on march 30th (memorial is the celebration of Jesus' death in case you didn't know. it's an annual observance and the most special day of the year to us) so i needed a special dress! and sadie is wearing light pink and cream, so we'll coordinate.
i also stopped by this site and picked up some baby hair gel to try and tame miss sadie's wild hair.
after a great lunch at 5 guys burgers and fries with mike, mom, and les, we continued the shopping at the gap. they have a great deal going on right now that if you donate any denim apparel, you get jeans 30% off. it's to help with relief efforts for areas affected by natural disasters. so i got a pair of boyfriend jeans for spring and a bunch of gapbody stuff on sale. i figured since i'm in pajamas so much now, they might as well be cute!
tommorrow i'm going to the dentist to rebuild my tooth that broke off like 6 months ago. i didn't want to have any dental work done while i was pregnant, so i had been holding off until now, but i am so ready for this tooth to stop hurting and be fixed.
enjoy your monday night! are you going to watch the bachelor wedding-jason and molly? i am!


  1. That is such a cute dress and such a special day to wear it.

  2. I'm in love with that Anthro dress! Sounds like you scored some great online goodies! I've shopped, but haven't been as successful with the fit, size, etc. so I've been returning a lot! Boo hoo! Oh well, online shopping is such a wonderful luxury!

  3. How elegant you will look for Memorial! Can't wait to see what that gel does to Sadies hair?!

    Fun day yesterday--we enjoyed it too although my purchases were a pair of jeans-you are ahead of us on spring shopping!

  4. oohh! that dress is beatiful! sounds like you got some neat things--cant wait to see them! didn't watch the wedding, but i recorded it. i'm still very bitter about that whole thing, so i don't know if i'll watch it all or not! ;)

  5. I fell asleep and missed the bummed!!

  6. Hey Girl! Sorry I am commenting about my post on this post, I just wanted to say thank you for the sweet comment tonight. Sadie is just precious! I remember when Avery was 8 weeks old. Life flies before your eyes so enjoy EACH second! If you ever need someone to talk to, please email me. Im here for you!! ;)