Wednesday, March 10, 2010

learning to play and a fun lunch

sadie is becoming so much more alert and has decided she prefers short little naps instead of 2-3 hour naps! i propped her up on her boppy yesterday with some toys and she had fun looking at everything and learning to play a little. doesn't her hand on her chin look like she's thinking really hard?! she loved the block in front of her...i told her what each picture was and she just stared and stared at it. aren't black, white, and red supposed to be great developmental colors for new babies?

here she is with her best friend "wubba nub" (that's its real name) or "binkers" as i prefer to call him. whoever came up with this idea is genius- a pacifier that doesn't fall out every 2 seconds. there are several different animals that you can get, but we think hers is an odd looking cow. not quite sure!

nana took this one while i was at the dentist. i wish i looked so cute when i sleep :)

here she is this morning before we left to run errands. we had to stop by the cutest bakery to order cupcakes for mom and les' anniversary party this saturday. after that, we met daddy for lunch at panera.

lunch was so yummy and it's just a perfect day, like 74 degrees and no clouds in the sky. after sadie wakes up from her nap, i think we'll take a walk and enjoy the sunshine.

(can you tell she loves her daddy?)

happy wednesday!


  1. Oh my word she is sooooo cute! Her eyes are just beautiful!! And yes red, white & black are good colors for babies to focus on. She is growing so fast. WOW! We almost stopped by today but I didn't have my phone on me, but I'm glad I didn't b/c you would have been at lunch. We'll catch you next time.

  2. Sadie looks perfect in pink! :) LOVE your necklace!

  3. Awesome invention. I wished they made those when my girls were babies. I may have gotten a little sleep. Sadie is so precious.

  4. she is so precious! i can't wait to see her! you look darling too :)

  5. The adorable pictures keep coming! What special memories you are making!!!