Saturday, March 6, 2010

playing catch-up

i can't believe it's been almost a week since i blogged! i'm not going to have any followers left if i don't step it up, right?! it has been a busy week, but honestly, i haven't had a lot to blog about...
can you believe my baby girl has enough hair to put into pigtails!! i didn't leave them in (if you're worried about her swallowing the rubber bands) but i just thought she looked so grown up with her hair like that.
she's started opening her eyes really wide like this when i'm talking to her. when i open my eyes wide and raise my eyebrows, she mimics me. too cute!

uncle aaron and aunt peggy brought salad and pizza and dessert over last night. it was so yummy, and we had a fun time catching up with them. this time last year, we were in las vegas with them, and mike and i were trying to get pregnant! what a difference a year makes.

sadie was mesmerized by aaron. she kept smiling and staring at him.

and today my sweet sweet hubs (he told me to say how wonderful he is) took care of sadie the whole day so i could go get pampered! i got a pedicure and massage at this spa and it was divine. then i went to barnes & noble and got mike a landscaping book and sadie a book called "the brave butterfly" and i got me a bookmark that says "keep calm and have a cupcake" i think that's gonna be my new motto!

tonight i made chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting and pink sparkles, and i'm about to go enjoy one! there's nothing better than a good cupcake and a glass of milk!

and tonight, we started sadie's bedtime routine. all the baby books say to start a routine so baby knows when it's bedtime, but that is way harder to do for real. especially with a little baby. at 7:30, we put her in her pajamas, read a story, said her prayers, and drank a bottle, and she was asleep in her crib by 8:03. yea for the routine!


  1. Sadie is adorable and I love the cupcakes! :)

  2. How precious is our baby girl!!! Pigtails? you are too cute!
    What a sweet husband to give you a "pamper day"! Love all the pictures! So sweet of Aaron & Peggy...he looks captured by Sadie!

    Pretty cupcakes! love your new motto--don't forget I contributed the oil for the cupcakes!

  3. mckinlee and i just keep staring at the picture with her pigtails--we love it!
    your day sounds wonderful--so important for moms to be able to do that every once in a while!
    my mouth is watering over those cupcakes.they look so good!

  4. Precious, precious pig tails, a spa day AND sprinkle cupcakes? Oh girl, you are doing quite well...and I am MAJORLY jealous of all! :) What could be better? Sadie is BEAUTIFUL!

  5. I absoluetly love that 2nd pic of Sadie. She is adorable! The pigtails are too cute. I am very envious of the spa day - I've got to do that soon. =)
    Now you made me want some cupcakes! Have to add that to the grocery list.