Wednesday, March 31, 2010

memorial 2010

it was a wonderful memorial of Jesus' death last night. such a special occasion to reflect on Christ's ransom sacrifice and what it means for us... (here are a ton of pictures...i couldn't help it, it was sadie's first memorial! and these aren't even all of them ;)

my sweet grandparents

mom and les

shannon, caitlynn, and joseph

look at sadie's eyes! hehe!

kiersten and garrett

savanah and brett

lettie, lajeana, and gabriel (love that hat!)

bryce, kathy, and derrick

sarah and kate

sadie and kate (kate can't wait for sadie to grow up so they can play!)

nana and sadie


  1. Beautiful! I loved Sadie's outfit!!! BTW, I totally forgot to mention that your hair turned out good too. I meant to get a picture of the 6 of us since we were all wearing pink. But it was a whirlwind of pics.

    I also didn't want Jackson to leave my side in case the bread/wine got knocked over ~ I would know it wasn't him ;) So I had to stick pretty close to the front.

  2. It's great to hear about other's memorial!

    We had a total of 235 and had many special-edition Watchtower's handed out to interested ones.

  3. You have such a beautiful family! I love the coordinating pink outfits! Your dress and Sadie's dress are fabulous! :)

  4. Sadie is beautiful!! LOVE your dress and Sadie's dress too!! You're a lucky girl to get your hubby to wear a pink shirt! I've tried and failed! Ha!

  5. Love Sadie's dress... too sweet and cute! What a cute family you have! Happy Easter!

  6. Hi! I discovered your blog via Susanne's via a comment she left on Jewelscapes'. I was trying to figure out something about Jewelscape with my nifty sleuthing skills and looked at Susanne's blog because she said something about her hubby praying about being content with what we have. I saw her mention ministry on Fri/Sat then Sunday before meeting. I thought, hmm. So, I looked at yours. Wednesday meeting. Sunday meeting. Double hmm. So I thought I'd check March and aha! That's why I'm commenting here. We're long lost sisters :oD