Thursday, April 1, 2010

organization is my middle name

not really, it's elise.
but i do love to be organized.
i love the feeling i get when i have my day planned out, or a drawer cleaned, or my refrigerator with the yogurts in a row all facing the same way (ooh, that sounds a little like 'sleeping with the enemy', i promise i'm not creepy organized)
so in a having a baby, i've lost a lot of the control of my day that i used to love.
that's fine, i'd much rather have the baby than a perfectly planned day.
but, i think it's time to get a little organized.
and after a very productive discussion with susanne this morning, i've decided to take more control of my day. by the time i feed, change, play with, interact, and read to sadie, i'm exhausted! so when she's sleeping, all i want to do is blog surf or watch tv. both of which are fun, but not too productive.
so thanks to susanne's advice, i looked at and have decided to buy and download a yearly schedule. if you haven't looked at this site before, it's fantastic! and attainable, not like clean your entire house in one day, but small tasks i can manage while still taking care of a baby AND having very important free time.
i especially enjoy the "pamper yourself" box to check off in the weekly schedule. i'm all about pampering!!
so i asked mike to pick me up an organizer at target today, and this is what he picked! love the brown and turquoise, and love that he knew i would love it.
in starting to get organized tonight, i threw away TONS of catalogs and magazines that we had laying around the house. have i told you i have a little bit of an online shopping addiction?
well apparently, the more you shop on online, the more catalogs you get in the mail.
i threw away all but a couple of magazines to look at, and i've decided as i get new catalogs/magazines i will put them in my daily read pile and then promptly throw them away when i'm done.

i've also included the Bible in my daily read pile. it's a goal of mine to read some portion of the Bible daily, and i do really good for awhile, then get off track. but in the schedule on, it even has a daily Bible reading section, so i have no excuse to not read it!

i already feel so much better.

and in exciting sadie news, she slept from 10:30pm to 8:30 am last night! what a big girl!


  1. wow! you really get to things. see? you read something and immediately do it. me? i read it, think about it, talk about it, tell others about it and finally i will do it!(hadn't thought about sleeping with the enemy in years. that movie just gives me freaky chills!)
    i just loved those planner downloads and the variety of daily tasks--none of which seem too overwhelming. so sweet that mike would get a notebook that looks exactly like you!
    way to clear out the magazines~i need to do the same.
    so glad sadie is sleeping for you. hooray!!

  2. I'm impressed! Now I need to have a talk with the two of you and maybe I'll get motivated to organize. No, really you should see my study closet...we cleared out and packed away shelves of "stuff"...getting ready to list this house! How sweet of Mike to get you such a stylish planner!

  3. Oh girl, I also line up my yogurt! I do this with the cans in my pantry too. And if I get a pack of little applesauces, etc. I HAVE to take them outta the package and stack them. Weird?

    I LOVE your Anthro dress in your Easter post! And Sadie's baby dress sack is presh! Wishing you a wonderful Easter weekend!

  4. Thank you so much for posting about this! I just downloaded it and am excited about having a non overwhelming daily schedule.