Friday, April 16, 2010

three months

she's 3 months old today!!a few things sadie is doing:
  • putting everything in her mouth...her fist, her toys, her burp cloth
  • smiling all the time! she's the only little person i know who ALWAYS wakes up happy
  • kicking her legs and moving her arms constantly
  • trying to sit up. she doesn't even like reclining in her car seat. she wants to be upright!
  • noticing the world around her. it's hard for me to feed her out in public because she's too busy looking at everything.

i knew i would love our baby, but you don't realize just how much you love them until they're born. she is pure delight!

i think she's getting a bit spoiled because we give her SO much attention, she'd rather be talked to and played with than be in her crib by herself. but it's so fun and a little spoiling never hurt anybody right?! :)

here's our family picture for this month!

tommorrow the photographer is coming to do her 3 month pics. i'm so excited! i hope they turn out like i envision them in my head...we're doing black and whites with her on our bed on her tummy in bloomers! i'll let you know how it goes...


  1. What can I say? Absolutely adorable for starts. She is such a sweetie--always smiling...just want to squeeze her!Today she made my day when she squeeled at her!

  2. she is a cutie patootie! she looks a lot bigger than the last time i saw her!can't wait to see ya'll.

    LOVE Mckinlee!

  3. what a happy little thing! can't wait to see her photographs!