Sunday, April 11, 2010

life flies by

i'm realizing that a lot more these days. it seems like the weeks just fly and i blink and another weekend is gone!
we had a great day yesterday! it was a mommy and daddy day off so nana came at 12:30 to watch sadie. we tanned and went to the gym to workout. then we had massages and i got a pedicure. soooooo relaxing. then we came back home, got showered and changed and went to
se cocina for dinner. then we went to see the movie date night. in some parts, i laughed til my stomach hurt, but then other parts of it were just tasteless to me.
but it was a fantastic day! thank you nana for all your help!
here we are on the way to dinner sadie loves her rattle and is starting to really hold onto it. this was this morning...

while i cooked this for breakfast. herbed scrambled eggs (from my herb garden), bacon, toast, and coconut yogurt with berries

i was going to feed her right after we ate, but i looked over in the living room and she was sleeping!

sadie is just getting to be such a big girl. she's realized she can sit up, so now she doesn't want to lay around much or even recline in her car seat, she's always trying to sit up. and she talks constantly. she and mike will have conversations after he feeds her, so today during our meeting he was holding her, and she started talking then looked at him like 'why are you being quiet daddy?' too funny!

and she loves to look at books. i'm so thrilled because i adore reading (mike not so much) and i was hoping sadie would too. she was playing in her room this afternoon and i kept hearing her saying all kinds of things. so i went in to check on her and she was 'reading' her book. how cute is that?
she was 12 weeks old yesterday (that was for you susanne! wink wink)
i can't believe it! before long, she'll be crawling and eating baby food!


  1. What a FANTASTIC Saturday! Oh, I'm sooo jealoous! And baby Sadie just keeps getting more adorable! Those big cheeks are definitely great "kissing cheeks"! Sounds like you all are enjoying your family time so much! Awesome!

  2. I love the bunny ottoman in the background. That looks adorable!

  3. what a fun day for you two--that's so nice. sadie is getting so big and so beautiful--i can't wait to see her! and i'm sure you meant to say that she'll be 3 months on friday! :)

  4. so glad i could help you have a fun day!!! i did too!