Tuesday, April 6, 2010


we celebrated my grandparents 68th anniversary this weekend! can you believe they've been married that long? that's amazing to me. they were so excited to have all the family at their house, since my grandaddy has been sick, they don't get to go out much. but they were all dressed up and had so much fun! we had brisket, sausage, beans, potato salad, and rolls. and a decorated cake and cheesecake for dessert. a good southern meal!

peggy with sadie belle

i think brett is in love! he played with her and watched her the whole night. she just loves looking at him. it's so cute!

sadie with her great grandparents

and 4 generations of girls

it was such a great night of good memories!


  1. oh what good pictures! everyone looks so nice--i'm so sad i couldn't be there. how sweet that brett has taken to sadie so much :)

  2. That's so wonderful. Congratulations to them on many years of marriage. I'll be praying for your grandpa.

  3. Pretty pics! What a memorable night! I love the 4 generation picture.

  4. Looks like a great time. Mama Jeanne & Grandaddy looked so great in that picture. I just love them - they are so sweet! I love that in all the pics of Granddaddy he is trying to talk to, lean into or touch Sadie. So sweet!!