Monday, April 19, 2010

hello monday

thank you SO much for your help in deciding which picture to choose...
i finally decided this was the winner! this one and #1 were my favorites!
and in important fitness news, me going to the gym every couple of days was just not working out... making sure i had someone to watch sadie and fitting it into my day was hard, so i decided to order this video and i'm hoping it will help me. there were a bunch of 'body after baby' videos available, but i don't want to try to work out while holding my baby in a sling (no offense to those moms that do)
this one isn't a mommy and baby video, it's just for moms. but it's only 30 minutes so it's realistic that i can do it while sadie's playing or napping.

i was paging through a book this morning "the girlfriend's guide to pregnancy" and at the end, it talks about losing the baby weight. i thought these 5 points were so funny and true:
  • 1. it will take longer than you think.
  • 2. you will have forgotten what you used to look like.
  • 3. you will not get your old figure back until you stop nursing.
  • 4. even when you have lost the pounds, you will have to wait for nature to take her own sweet time about tightening your flabby skin back up and pulling your hips back together again.
  • 5. do not get pregnant until again until you have lost all the weight from the first baby.

and on that note, have a great day!!


  1. Isn't that book the best?! I loved reading it because it was a "no holds bar" type book, honest, and it made me laugh!

  2. that picture will be so pretty on a canvas. hope you like your video. this is day 3 for us on p90x--i can hardly move!
    loved that book when i was pregnant--so hysterical!

  3. That picture is more precious than precious...heavenly!

  4. Love your choice! But...which one wouldn't be beautiful!? Can you tell I'm the "Nana"?

    So smart to get the video!