Wednesday, April 7, 2010

wednesday thoughts

i love these pictures of sadie and her poppy! she loves him already!

we had summer clothes on's been so perfectly warm and sunshiney here. i love it :)

sadie is still not a huge fan of tummy time, but she's getting so strong and holding her head up more and more. it's so funny because mike can always tell when it's tummy time even if he's across the house...sadie makes this funny whining noise like 'not this again!' haha

other random thoughts...
1. are you watching tori & dean-home sweet hollywood? i love the show and i love them. she makes me laugh cause she's so quirky and animated.
2. my favorite snack as of late is mediterranae coconut yogurt and sliced strawberries. YUM!
3. post pregnancy stomachs are depressing. (and so are post pregnancy thighs)
4. i am making a commitment right here on my blog to lose 10 pounds by july 16th. sadie will be 6 months old and that is more than enough time to lose the weight. i'm going to the gym twice a week and doing crunches and walking some of the other days so now i just have to stop eating so much. more water, water, water!
5. and speaking of food, ha! i'm making green chile enchiladas for tonight. with corn, not flour tortillas. see, less carbs ;)
6. we are in the midst of a backyard project. i'm going to keep the details a surprise. can you guess what we're doing? i can't wait to show you the before and afters!


  1. such cute pictures! i can't wait to kiss those little cheeks soon!
    i'm making green chile enchiladas too.
    since i know what you're doing in your backyard, i won't say. i'm sure it's going to turn out amazing though!

  2. Sadie always looks so adorable! Love all of your pix. Henry is 15 months and I NEVER thought I would keep on some of the "baby weight", so I'm really trying to lose some of my extra weight! Ugh! Where's the magic wand, huh? :) I LOVE Tori and Dean...and if you are getting a pool, than I would be more than happy to make a trip out West! hee, hee!

  3. sweet pictures! I'm trying to lose 5 more pounds myself(how long have I said that)---we will do it!!! Can't wait to see the finished project...

  4. I had my baby Claire six weeks ago so I will join the 10 pound club with you! How's that for motivation, ha. Also- love Sadie's Gap outfit AND her name more than ever, as my cousin gave birth to a "Sadie Marie" two days ago :)

    We had enchiladas tonight, too, and sad to say they were way too spicy for me. I used the Pioneer Woman's recipe and for all that work, they sure weren't what I expected. Bummer!

  5. post partum stomachs are totally depressing. if you find the cure let me know!

    yay for summer clothes!