Saturday, April 17, 2010

help me choose!

well things didn't go quite as planned today, and i turned out to be the photographer! but that's ok! i think i got some pretty good shots...i'm wanting to get one of these made into a 16x20 canvas to put on our bedroom wall, so can you help me choose? which one do you like best? #1






thanks for your help!


  1. I think #1 is my fav! But I think #3 is really cute too on her tummy. And I also like #6 just because she's smiling even tho she's not looking at the camera. But probably between 1 & 3. Have we confused you enough? haha

  2. my favorite two pictures are 1 & 6! she is so cute in those two.


  3. i love all of them, but favorite one is definitely #3. (with #1 a close second) love 5 & 6 of her big smile, but too much else going on in the picture (lamp, blinds, etc.)
    who needs a photographer? these are awesome!!!

  4. They all came out beautiful!! #1 is my favorite!! Good luck choosing!

  5. They are all so precious why not do a collage? Maybe a large one in middle (of #1) surrounded by smaller ones. My daughter has this done of her boys when they were infants and it turned out great.

  6. Those are great snapshots. My vote is for #3 or #8.

  7. I like #4! They are all great, though!

  8. Number 1. Great job Danielle. You shot some beautiful photos.

  9. I like number 1 and number 4. It gets so hard to choose. Did you take the pics or have someone come in. I took the girls and had the photographer do one every 3,6,9 and 12 month. The photographer in Nashville was awesome and the one in St. Louis was so so... I learned a lot about how photographers can really enhance how your pics turn out. The photographer in Nashville had done so many pics of babies that he was excellent with them and always got Emma to smile. Also, are you going to do a Mother/Daughter picture? I'm so happy that I did them--they bring back such happy memories!! Hope all is well in Waco.