Sunday, April 29, 2012

the spa and the park

yesterday my mom, kami, and i went on a little trip to the spa...we had been planning a spa day for a LONG time now, and i was so ready for it! we went to the amazing lake austin spa for some pampering. oh was it amazing!! the grounds were gorgeous, the food is all organic, locally grown, and healthy, and the treatments were so relaxing!

here is the view going in
 the 3 of us ready for our girls day
 this was the view heading out to the pool
 the indoor pool building and the outdoor patio for the restaurant
i had a southwestern turkey sandwich that was so delicious and a lentil salad with field greens. yum!
 kami and i had pedicures, then lunch, then all 3 of us had massages. my masseuse was a little odd, so i wasn't as relaxed as i normally am (she told me she thought i was 2 weeks pregnant because she's a little psychic-which i don't believe in!-and told me she was the "mean one" at the spa, meaning she made your muscles hurt! was i supposed to be afraid?! just weird. but that's austin for you right?! :)

after massages, we made our way to the beautiful pool, where i had the best nap under the cabana!
 this is the view looking toward the main building
 after napping, we got ready for dinner. we ended up going into downtown austin to truluck's. delicious food and the best singer/piano player in the bar area.
so much fun! i'm ready for our next girls' day!
 tonight after dinner, some friends met us at the park with their son, jayden, who is the cutest little boy ever.  sadie grabbed his hand!
 then turned around and said sweetly, "we're holding hands!" cute now, but ask me how i feel about in about 12 years! ;)
 they had so much fun, and it was great visiting with them all!


  1. what a fabulous spa day!!!
    And i LOVE your outfit in yellow going to dinner.
    A perfect day!!!

  2. Did you take Sadie and Mike to the spa? That spa looked so relaxing! :)

  3. what a wonderfully relaxing day! you girls all looked so beautiful and i bet you had an amazing time! those pics of jayden and sadie are SO cute! they remind me of the pictures mom has of jarrod and me when we were little :)
    can't wait to see you all this weekend!

  4. that place looks so awesome. And yes that massage girl a little off! Love the photo of Sadie holding hands with her friend so sweet.

  5. Glad you took your camera on our spa day...almost makes me relax to think about it! Why didn't I stand side ways in that pic?!

    So cute of Sadie & Susanne said, reminds me of his daddy & her when they were about 2 years old! History repeating...