Sunday, April 1, 2012

picnic at the park

last sunday, our congregation had a picnic at the park! everyone brought stuff for hot dogs and we grilled out and ate and talked and was much needed and so much fun.

sadie loved all the swings and jungle gyms there

 this one cracks me up! her leg up on the chair and her lollipop in hand...what a life :)
 juicy strawberry
 we had a great turnout, probably 50 people there (or more!)
they played volleyball and softball too!
 me with baby logan (love his chunky legs!)
 and sadie involved in an intense game of scrabble!
the weather has been absolutely perfect here...i wish it would stay this way all year long. 
and yesterday, we went to dallas for the disney princess on ice show. it was fantastic and the girls had SO much to come!


  1. That lollipop picture is too cute!

    1. what a fun time! sadie looks so grown up in that picture with the lollipop. and logan is so cute.