Friday, April 13, 2012

memorial 2012 and a trip to plano

it seems like i go longer and longer between blog posts is just busy! which is good!

last thursday was our memorial celebration of jesus' death.  it is the most special day of the year for us as we remember the ransom sacrifice and what it means for mankind.

it was a beautiful celebration, but we do have a busy 2 year old so the night was a little wild for us (trying to keep sadie quiet during the talk when it was bedtime was quite interesting ;)

and trying to get her to smile for the camera just does not happen now!
 the gorgeous arrangement of flowers
 the bread and wine
 sadie was fascinated with the flowers
 yep...i feel like crying too, but i plastered on a fake smile!
 surprisingly good family pic (thanks brett!)
 sadie belle with caitlynn and joseph...they are so cute
 baby logan all dressed up
 kami and miss parker--she is just too much with the pearls :)

then on tuesday, we went to stay with susanne and mckinlee in plano...we had a great time talking, shopping, and eating (i think those are the 3 things i do best. ha!)

i loved this one of mck and sadie
 she is so grown up now and just beautiful
 mom and mck
 on wednesday we went to a beautiful outdoor mall called watters creek...great stores there!
 don't mom and susanne look coordinated in their outfits?!
 sadie belle with a piggy statue
 there was the prettiest park with a little creek and ducks...sadie didn't want to leave! i love this one of sadie and zizi
 and these two of mom and sadie are so cute!

 susanne picked up mckinlee from school early and we went to get some are the fountains right by paciugo (the gelato shop)
 they have so many wonderful flavors there! i got coconut creme pie and mint choc. chip. yum!

we had a GREAT time! as always!


  1. Good pictures just keep coming! Such a cute profile shot of Sadie & McKinlee...Good memories!

    1. i know i loved that one! such a fun trip too!

  2. you all looked so pretty at memorial. oh my goodness--parker in those pearls is too much! we had so much fun with you last week. can't wait to do it again!

    1. i know wasn't she adorable with the pearls?! we had so much fun..miss you!