Sunday, May 6, 2012

susanne and chris' anniversary

last night susanne, chris, and mckinlee came to mom's house so we could celebrate their 18th anniversary!  we had a taco dinner (chicken and beef), with beans, mexican rice, salsa, guacamole, fresh fruit, and cupcakes! it was absolutely delicious.

here are mck and i before dinner
 susanne and mom
 uncle nate and sadie belle-love this one!
 3 of us
 and 4 generations, so glad we got this picture, so special
 the anniversary family-they get more beautiful and handsome every year!
they got some great gifts which i didn't get pics of with my camera because i was taking pictures for susanne ;) but they got gift cards for their backyard, money, gc to dillard's for chris, and the gift horse for susanne (for pandora charms), and mck got some great stuff...meow perfume, gifts cards to beauty brands and target, a vera bradley beach towel, and other fun stuff!
 this was in our front yard this morning before our meeting...
don't they all look beautful?! mckinlee is growing up way too fast, she'll be 13 in a couple of weeks!
 this afternoon while sadie was napping, i went into michael's to get some things for the princess pool party i'm throwing later this month. fun!!
and i went to barnes & noble in search of a book about the paleo diet. i'm really interested in starting to eat this way, but wanted to do a little more research.  anybody out there familiar with it?
and i'm always in the mood for a summer book about the beach! have you read ten beach road? looks interesting!
happy sunday!


  1. Beautiful pictures! Such a fun & special evening. Thanks for taking pictures! Can't wait until we are together again!

  2. Beautiful pictures! What a fun & special evening..can't wait until we are together again!

    1. It was so fun! The dinner was delish too :)

  3. wow--you got those pictures up fast! we had such a fun time eating a delicious dinner and visiting and opening all our wonderful presents--we appreciate everything so much! i'm sad it was such a quick trip. can't wait until summer so we can stay longer!

  4. I know it was so fun! But way too quick!

  5. girl love your yellow top that color looks great on you! Beautiful pic's of the anniversary family! The photo of Sadie Mck and Susanne is so cute...Sadie looks so grown up.

    1. Thanks girly! Got it at anthro ;)