Monday, October 19, 2009

i'm ticked...

before i get to the reason i am TICKED OFF, here is my 26 week picture...this was right before i had my preggy pics taken on saturday!

first let me preface this by saying if you are not interested in hearing the rantings of a slightly emotional, very pregnant girl, come back tommorrow...maybe i will have something positive to talk about then!

so today i had an appt. to take my Land Rover to the dealership in downtown Austin. we don't have a dealership in Waco, so i have to drive 2 hours to take it there. i made the appt. 3 weeks ago, but had to reschedule last week because it was raining, so i was scheduled to come at 10:30 this morning...which means we left at 8:30 to get there. my 3rd row seat latch is broken so i can't use that seat at all right now...anyway mom went with me, so i wouldn't have to drive there alone. we got to the dealership at 10:20 at which point i went inside to talk with the service guy who i made the appt. with. after waiting for awhile for him to get off the phone, he told me they would TRY to get to my car today. i said i am obviously pregnant, i live out of town, and cannot make several trips to Austin for this car to have a minor repair done. he looked at me like he didn't give a crap about it...and said most likely they could take a look today to see if it even needed that part replaced or if it was some other problem. so i said, you mean i may have to wait ALL DAY LONG in Austin and you may not even look at my car?! he pulled up the little screen on his computer and said there were 27 CARS IN LINE BEFORE MINE! are you kidding me? who schedules 27 cars to be repaired on 1 day at a dealership? so i got in my loaner car, called mike, and he told me to find my sales guy and talk to him about the situation... i did and they pulled my car around to the back about 5 minutes later, so i thought great! they'll take a quick look at it and let me know in an hour or 2 at the most. so mom and i went to anthropologie and shopped and then went to whole foods for lunch...i called the dealership around 1:15 and my sales guy still didn't know anything, so i just drove back to the dealership to find out what was going went inside to talk to the sales guy, because by this time, i was already tired and on the verge of tears. they came back out and said it would be 5 or 6 pm before they would be able to make an accurate diagnosis of the problem (his words). an "accurate diagnosis?" i'm not a car person, but i can look at that dang latch and tell you it's broken dude...

i said i would like my broken car back right now and i will now be going home...i will not be coming to your service department ever again. so right before i leave, the weasly little service guy walked up and said oh are you leaving? i said yes, i am taking my broken car home now. he said hmmm...these things take time. have a good day. i could have TWEAKED HIS BEAKY LITTLE NOSE but instead i summoned every ounce of my Christian personality and said thanks, goodbye. i will not even tell you the rest of the story after i left, and filled mike in on what happened...needless to say, my dear husband is not nearly as patient or sweet as me {wink}

despite my complete irritation, we did manage to have fun shopping and eating. mom some adorable things at anthro. and i got a green sweater and necklace for my baby shower.

and we had to have some yummy treats at whole foods. a mini eclair, mini choc. chip sandwich and a white choc. covered peanut butter cookie...

it was a beautiful day, so we got to eat outside!

and here's a view of the patio from where we were sitting!

if you've made it through this very long, mostly negative's a hug from me to you!


  1. i am so sorry for your bad day (although could a day really be bad if you got goodies from anthro and got to eat at whole foods?) stuff like that makes me so mad! you must have been working on self-control :)

  2. Sorry about your bad day. Next time, come to Dallas for the service, maybe they'll be nicer. I've always heard those Austin-ites are weird! :) I would have been ticked off too!

  3. I'm so sorry to hear you a bad day! It seems car dealerships and places like that are always difficult to deal with! They can't just do it the easy way!

    Hope things are going better now! :)

  4. Aww, I'm sorry you had a rough day...grr to that service dept! Glad to see you made the best of it though spending time with your mom ;) and eating up those yummy treats!