Tuesday, October 13, 2009


do you ever just see a commercial and think 'what?!' i've seen this commercial a lot lately and while i love to be snuggled up when reading or watching tv, would you really wear a gigantic blanket with sleeves? this morning the commercial showed a grown man wearing one and it looked like a monk's robe...except he wasn't a monk...he was just wearing his snuggie! pic from photobucket

and last night i saw several commercials for the birth of the Duggar's grandchild. i have a lot of respect for this family-they show more patience with all of those kids that i will probably ever possess- and i respect their wanting to be modest (i think it's an important part of being a Christian) but the poor daughter-in-law is wearing a corduroy skirt while giving birth...i don't quite get that one. if your delivery is going to be on national television, i completely understand having a sheet over you or just not filming from that angle...but ankle length corduroy?

pic from associated press
have a good tuesday...i will be trying to stay dry...it is so rainy and dreary here! and i'm going to help kali organize and purge her closet before she packs to move...


  1. you know how mckinlee loves infomercials? she saw that snuggie and wants one so bad! isn't that hysterical? i think they're one of the silliest things. i haven't seen any of the commercials for the new duggar baby~~will have to watch for that. corduroy? poor girl.
    have fun helping kali-can't wait to see her new house!

  2. you make me laugh!!! no, i can't believe a courd. skirt would make a difference in that particular instance! oh, i saw that crazy commercial too! don't want it!

  3. Long time reader, first time commenter. Love your taste in decorating and your recipe posts, but I have to disagree with you on the snuggie! ha! When I saw this infomercial, I was like, "no way, that's dumb. Just use a blanket!". Then, while talking w/ my MIL, she really, really wanted one. She was recently diagnosed with cancer, so I thought to myself, "I'll give in and get her the stupid snuggie so she can use it at Chemo treatments." She uses the thing so much, and after being cold laying around at her house, I gave in and covered with it, and now I really want one! I even asked for one for Christmas. Her's is pink and my husband and FIL have both been caught snuggling under the pink snuggie! ha!

  4. brittany...thanks for commenting! i may have to change my mind on the snuggie {wink}