Monday, October 5, 2009

crazy weekend

we were supposed to go to plano on friday and stay with susanne and chris and then pick up sadie's furniture saturday...but, chris had bronchitis and pneumonia, so we didn't get to stay with them. :( so instead, we just drove to plano and back on friday. mom and les went with us and we had a fun time, but missed seeing chris, susanne, and mckinlee! we went to the shops at willow bend and got some fun stuff, then went to lone star baby to pick up sadie's furniture. after that we ate at la madeline's, shopped a little at stonebriar mall and then headed back home...a fun and exhausting day!
here we are eating at la madeline's
here is the truck loaded down with a her dresser and crib

i got this adorable little giraffe (that we've named jilly) at anthropologie

mike bought me my diaper bag for an early anniversary was not his favorite...he said it looked like what a solid gold dancer from the 70s would carry, but i love it! and i got these gianni bini boots at dillard's for $79 (regular price)....what a great deal!
saturday afternoon i was doing a bunch of cleaning and organizing and mike took apart the bed/mattress in the baby room so he could put together the baby furniture. i was putting all the linens from that room into the closet of the guest room and was standing on a little step stool to reach the top shelf. i put one hand out to steady myself on the clothes rod when it collapsed and i fell face first into the closet. thankfully i fell on top of all the clothes that had been on the rod and mike was standing right behind me when it happened, so he grabbed me up as soon as i fell....but of course, i was hysterical and so completely worried about sadie. we went to the labor and delivery floor of our hospital so i could get checked out...i thought it would just be a quick ultrasound and we would be done-it was not! i had to be admitted, change into an icky hospital gown, and get strapped to monitors all of sorts...the nurses watched sadie's heartbeat and movements for a long time and made sure i wasn't having any signs of preterm labor, and thankfully she was fine...and way more cushioned than i was! i must have turned my head as i was falling and hit my ear on something because by sunday, it looked horrible. i also banged up my legs pretty bad and am a little sore, but the most important little person inside me is just fine!

(my sad little ear)

on sunday, i shopped a little more for maternity leggings and tights and some cute flats, while les and mike put sadie's furniture together

i was officially 24 weeks yesterday!

and to thank mom and les for all of their help on this crazy weekend, we made a yummy dinner for them and us last night...we had turkey cutlets with mushroom/water chestnut dressing and pan gravy, a salad, and sugar snap peas with scallions

have a great monday!


  1. How scary! So glad everything is okay. I fell when I was pregnant and it was so scary. I vividly remember exactly how you must have felt. Be careful ;)

  2. I'm so glad baby Sadie is okay! That must have been very scary for you.

    I love your pink scarf! The bag and boots are adorable, too! You always look so cute!

  3. i'm so sorry about your fall, but so glad sadie is ok! your ear looks really painful :( love the diaper bag and boots--very cute! jilly is adorable and that dinner looks delicious.

  4. Oh honey...What a scary fall! Yikes!

    Your "solid gold" baby bag and new boots are just beautiful! Love them! Wait until you see your husband carrying that baby bag! Wink! :)

    I bet you were soooo excited to get Sadie's furniture! How fun!....and starting her on Anthro. early, huh? ! :) :) :)

  5. love it all! It's so much fun being a part of your happiness!!! p-l-e-a-s-e be careful!

  6. thank you for all the sweet comments...we are so glad sadie's alright!