Wednesday, October 28, 2009

anniversary continued...

can you tell wedding anniversaries are a big deal to us?! we've been celebrating for a week now. hehe! and we are having our 'family' anniversary dinner and party next saturday!

but here are some more pics from sunday. we stayed at the marriott waterway in the woodlands which is a great hotel in such a beautiful setting. sunday morning we had breakfast in the restaurant~so yummy! omelets, biscuits and sausage gravy, fruit, and sticky buns. then we walked around the waterway and market street for a little while. the weather was perfect! and we got some books for sadie.

here is our hotel this is in front of tommy bahama's restaurant. right behind me is a little fountain area that normally shoots water up in the air for kids to play in.

the plants and flowers were so gorgeous!

after we walked around a bit, it was time for our massages at the marriott spa. let me tell you, it was heavenly! i LOVE massages and got them frequently before i was pregnant, but have not had one in probably 8 or 9 months, so it was such a treat to get a prenatal massage! i was so relaxed, i went to sleep a couple of times, which i never do...and mike got a deep tissue massage and went to sleep too. after our massages, we went back to tommy bahamas's to have a late lunch. if you have never been to tb' must go to one! there are only 12 restaurants in the u.s. and we're trying to make our way to all of them ;) we split the crab cakes and guacamole appetizer, sanibel stuffed chicken (the BEST thing on the menu), and a brownie and ice cream for dessert. they also have this amazing bread with mango butter that is divine...can you tell i love this place?! and the whole decor is very 'havana meets south florida' so great!

after our late lunch, we drove home and just chilled sunday night...i could definitely tell that night that i hadn't had a massage in awhile because it released all my icky toxins in my body and i felt crummy...but it was still worth it!

monday morning, i had my 7 month ob. appt. and everything went really well. sadie is growing and so am i. i've gained 16 pounds so far. her heartrate was 156, and she is so active and busy all the time, kicking and moving around. is that an indication of how she'll be after she's born? i'm already tired...hehe!

monday night, mike brought home the most beautiful flowers for me...he said he was trying to get it right this year (since last year he didn't get me flowers on our actual anniversary day and the restaurant we were going to eat at was closed, so we had to eat mexican food at a place i don't even like) but i still love him!! we went to eat at prime 135 which is this cool steak restaurant with an old hollywood theme...all the dishes are named after old hollywood stars...i had the van dyke chopped steak and he had the chicken peck. yum!

after dinner, we took our HUGE piece of chocolate cake the waitress gave us (for free) to mom and les' house! she made coffee for us and had her dining table all set up with cute anniversary napkins and candles going. so sweet. and they gave us one of our presents...a new Bunn coffee maker. we can't wait to use it!

after all the fun we had, tuesday morning i had to do my glucose test for gestational diabetes...i wasn't looking forward to it, but it went fine. except i don't really drink anything fast, so to have to guzzle a flat orange soda at 9am was a little gross! i'm just glad it's over...

whew...i had a lot to say today! enjoy your wednesday!


  1. You are just so cute! Love your outfits!

    I'm glad your glucose test went fine ;)

  2. Love the pictures! You are such a cute couple and make such good memories!!!