Friday, October 16, 2009


last night we went to the HOT (Heart O'Texas) rodeo. this is a big deal here...people love the fair and rodeo! i am not so much a fair person but i do like to watch the non-scary parts of the rodeo. mike got free box seat tickets from the bank for last night, so mom and les went with us and we had a fun time! we ate at Logan's Steakhouse before we went. don't we look like real cowboys and cowgirls?! {wink}

i have to say the rodeo does freak me out a little...we watched calf roping and steer wrestling...i don't like to see the poor little calf getting thrown to the ground and tied up even though i know it doesn't usually hurt them. and last night i was so paranoid that a steer was going to get mad after being wrestled and jump over the railing into the box seats where we were! ha! (the things you think about when pregnant huh?)

here is the mutton bustin' event...tiny little kids ride a sheep for 6 seconds (i think) to win a pair of boots and a trophy...last night this precious little girl rode the sheep way past the middle of the arena. she was determined not to let go! it was hilarious and the runner up was also a little girl...way to go little cowgirls!

i didn't get to see him last friday, but jackson young did this event too. you're brave jackson, congrats!

here i am outside the was so windy and cold last night after being so hot during the day

love this pic! i made mom and les stand by the 'longhorns' and do the longhorn sign (les is a huge UT fan)

happy friday! have a great weekend!


  1. Your photos make everything look better! We did have fun! Thanks Mike & Am. Bank!!! After you'al left the broncs were really scary...too close for my comfort too. We left after that event--I don't think the bull riding would have calmed me down...Till next year!!!

  2. oh my goodness! all of you look SOOOO cute! looks like you had a great time! did you walk around the fair with a turkey leg in your hand or did you skip right to the gyros??(ha-ha-ha!!!!!)