Friday, October 23, 2009

pecan twist

have you had the pecan twist at panera? if you have not, i suggest you try one this weekend...there's the sweetest lady that works at our panera and she suggested i try the pecan twist last week. it was scrumptious! we went to panera yesterday for our girls' breakfast and had a great time. i got the egg, applewood smoked bacon, and cheese on a plain bagel, but danna said the cheddar jalapeno bagel was so great, i wish i had gotten that! i'll try it next time. and i loved this picture of phillip and his cute little smile!
this afternoon we are leaving to go see mike's parents in montgomery, and tommorrow we're going to their assembly in rosenberg...i'm looking forward to seeing all of our old friends, and i've heard this assembly is fantastic! the theme is 'safeguard your spirituality', so i can't wait to listen. tommorrow night mike's parents are taking us to pappadeaux's for our anniversary and then we're staying at the marriott in the woodlands!
*have a great weekend*


  1. Love the picture of you girls! You are all so pretty!!! and cute of Phillip too!Yummy Panera and I need to watch those sweets...can't wait to see pictures from your weekend!

  2. how fun! glad you girls are all getting together!