Thursday, May 13, 2010

she's growing up

guess who had rice cereal for the first time yesterday?! it was all over her and her bumbo, but so much fun! i think she liked it and even tried to feed herself when i gave her the spoon.
i just love this little outfit...i thought it would be too big for her because it's a 6 months romper, but it fit. i can't believe my little sweetie can already wear that size!

and here she is before our meeting last night. i remember getting this adorable outfit from a friend when i was pregnant, and i thought it would be such a long time before she could wear it. but here she is in it!

with mommy

and daddy

she'll be 4 months old this sunday. wow!
  • wanting to sit up all the time and almost can by herself (but she leans forward like one of those jump skiiers :)
  • weighs 14.2 pounds, but probably will weigh more at her 4 mo. check up on monday
  • has started fighting her bottle. i thought it might be reflux, but i really think she's just too busy looking at everything else, and i think she's wanting food! that's my girl!!
  • is a champ at tummy time, but still doesn't enjoy it all that much
  • smiles constantly
  • talks all the time and has learned to squeal
  • has started waking up in the early morning to eat
  • loves to snuggle after a nap
  • knows she can make big splashes in the tub with her legs

we just adore her, can you tell?!


  1. Sadie is precious!! It's amazing how fast they grow...too fast. Enjoy! (by the looks of it you are enjoying it)!

  2. I can't believe she's gonna be 4 months old already! I remember reading your blog when she was born!! She's has gorgeous blue eyes! Sooo cute =) I know this is late but I hope you had a great first mother's day!

  3. sweet, sweet pictures! thank you for posting more--you know i'm dying here waiting for you to post something! i just love seeing her in that bumbo--it makes her look so big! and that outfit is adorable. she looks so grown up and much older in the picture on the changing table.

  4. Sadie is absolutely precious! I can't believe it's been four months already. She is looking so grown up! I know you will treasure all these special times your sharing together. {{hugs}}

  5. Oh my adorable grand baby!!! Love seeing her with her first cereal--I think she wants food!
    Mommy & Daddy look pretty good too! Kisses...

  6. Very precious! Has anyone ever told you that you look like Natalie Portman?
    Because you do. :)

  7. Hi Dandy!!!
    Your Sadie is a DOLL!!!!! Just as beautiful as you!!! MJ gave me your blog address, do you mind if I follow it? I would love to keep in touch more! I sure do miss yall bunches, and i would love to meed my new 2nd Cousin!!!! Well I hope yall are doing well...