Wednesday, May 5, 2010

sitting up and a sweet visit

look who's sitting up in her bumbo! i love how she looks like she's just reclining in her easy chair ;) today we went to my grandparents so they could see sadie. my grandaddy is battling cancer and not doing well at all, so i wanted to get some pictures of them together. he lit up when he saw her and just smiled and smiled.

and my sweet grandmother who's exhausted from taking care of him for years. but she loved holding sadie and singing 'this little piggy' to her.
in their backyard, they have the most beautiful shade trees and freshly planted spring flowers, so sadie and i had fun being outside for awhile. i showed her the horses too! and a butterfly landed on her. so sweet!


  1. What precious keepsake pictures...Daddy kept saying how pretty---he could even say her name! Special moments...

  2. look at her sitting up! how big she looks. so glad she will have pictures with her great-grandparents!

  3. Presh pix! Oh that Bumbo pix is so adorable! That PLUSH white rug looks quite inviting! Zzzzz! :)