Friday, May 7, 2010

show us your life-children's names

okay, i never do two posts in one day but it's show us your life-kids' names at kelly's korner and i ADORE names so i had to post again!

my sister and i have picked out names for our kids since we were little girls, but when it came time to pick out a name for real, it was a little bit harder! i wanted a name that our child would like and a middle name that they could use when they got older if they preferred it over their first name ( i always wanted to go by my middle name, but never did. it's elise)
it was a personal decision to not name our baby after any family, so we just had to decide what names we loved. and my list was long!!
for a boy: we had decided on hudson cole years ago, but when i got pregnant, we changed it to crew hudson. but if i ever have a boy, i'm going back to hudson cole ;)
i LOVE the name hudson and cole just sounded good with it!
for a girl: mike had always loved the name sadie, plus i once saw this adorable contestant on the bachelor named sadie, and it made me like the name even more. originally, she was going to be sadie grey. grey is one of my favorite names, and i'm fond of the one syllable middle name...but one day i was at a jewelry store and the woman who worked there said her little girl's name was isabella. i thought that sounded so good with sadie, plus it was a longer more formal name to go with a short first name. so that's how we came up with her name!


  1. funny how when we were little we came up with a million names--none of which are the names we named our kids!

  2. So glad you used the name Sadie! I can't imagine calling our little doll anything else!