Tuesday, May 11, 2010

thoughts on motherhood

being a mother is not easy. it is one of the most tiring and rewarding jobs there is.
last night, i found a blog that has completely changed my view on motherhood. we're happy, we have fun, and we adore our baby girl, but i found myself getting too caught up in the routine of life. the stress, the anxieties, and all the other stuff that goes with reality.
but after i read a post on this blog and then went on to read many other of her posts, i realized i want to change how i'm approaching motherhood. it's a gift that i've been blessed with, and i am determined to appreciate it each day, and live for those beautiful little moments that make me say prayers of thanks.
here is the blog post i read...have tissues ready. you will cry.


  1. I heard about this post and I read it and I truly wept. At my desk at work. My co-workers told me (yet again!) to NOT read things like this. I'm 21 weeks pregnant so I think it hit me especially hard. Probably you too, being not too-far removed from post-partum. It was incredible. A true testament of every emotion imaginable - not to mention, HUMAN. I'm so glad she shared her story and I'm so glad I read it.

  2. Wow, that story made me weep! Thank you for highlighting it. She has a great blog - and so do you!

  3. First of all, I forgot to wish you a happy Mother's Day! I hope you had a wonderful FIRST Mother's Day!

    And the pix of S. above is adorable! Little hands behind her head...oh so cute!

    For some reason, I read this post last week. I even told my husband about it. It definitely reminded me how extremely blessed I am to be a mother to my three amazing children. This mother, her uplifting spirit and dedication inspire me most definitely!

  4. Oh my, I couldn't read the entire story. What a special little girl and a special Mom. How thankful to have the joy of a healthy baby without serious issues! Never enough prayers of thanks. Sometimes we don't realize what we really have until we learn of someone who has a never ending challenge. Love you...

  5. The blog is great! Thank you. But this picture of Sadie is absolutely delicious. She is a beauty. I ahve so many pictures of my baby boy that I feel this way about, but this is the first time I have seen another baby's picture that has wowed me since he was born.
    Enjoy you lovely little girl!

  6. i love that she sleeps this way--so cute! LOVE that blog and how she writes--what an amazing story!