Sunday, May 2, 2010

weekend in plano

we had so much fun in plano this weekend. we got there around 11 on friday morning (sadie slept the whole way there, which was great!) mike took my car to the land rover dealership to get it serviced since we don't have one in waco. and sadie and i stayed at susanne's and talked. mom was there too and had gone to whole foods and gotten us yummy stuff for lunch, so we ate chicken salad and chips and hummus. then mckinlee came home from school and played with sadie! i love this picture because you can see how they adore each other! friday night we went to freddy's frozen custard for dinner where they have the BEST cheeseburgers and fries. then we went to michele busch's for a jewelry show. she's a friend of susanne's and makes the most gorgeous jewelry. check out her website ! i was exhausted by this time and it was nearing sadie's bedtime so mike and i left the party and went back to susanne's. sadie talked the whole way home and was in the best mood. so mike stayed with her upstairs while i went downstairs to make her night night bottle. mike said she looked around, realized she wasn't in her room, her bottom lip curled out and she started sobbing hysterically. this is the child that rarely, if ever, cries, so we were both so flustered and didn't know what to do. it took her so long to calm down and drink her bottle, but once she did, she slept all night in her play yard. i on the other hand, did not sleep well at all. a baby that's a noisy sleeper, a husband who was yelling in his sleep that someone was chasing him, and me getting up 25 times to go to the bathroom made for an eventful and tiring night! so finally at 6 i asked mom to come in our room and watch her while we went in her room and slept (oh and mckinlee woke up and got in bed with mom and sadie) so when susanne came upstairs saturday morning, we were all in different beds from the night before! hehe
so after getting some sleep on sat. morning, we went to watters crossing (i think that's the name of the shopping area) in allen. it was so beautiful there with all the spring flowers blooming. we ate at cheesecake factory. yum!

here are susanne, chris, and mckinlee about to eat lunch

all the girls! (you notice sadie is conveniently covering my post partum belly!) babies are so good for that ;)

we went into a vera bradley store...oh my goodness! the beautiful bags in so many patterns were very tempting. and they have the cutest diaper bag, but i held myself back because my amex is getting ridiculous as of late!
then we went to dsw, and mike and i both got a pair of shoes (after all it is Discount Shoe Warehouse) so i think it's okay to buy if what you're buying is at a discount!!
here are mckinlee and sadie in the store...

after getting a piece of tiramisu cheesecake to go, we headed back home. it was a great weekend, and for sadie's first trip out of town, she did fantastic!


  1. So happy you had a fun trip (even though sleeping is never the same as in your home-especially with a little one). It was fun being a part of the nice weekend!

  2. so glad you all came! traveling will get easier :) we miss sadie so much!! can't wait for you to come back~

  3. Hey at least you got the first trip out of the way...sometimes that's the hardest. You'll always have to have a lot of stuff but it will get easier. Sounds like you had a great time and Sadie looks cute as always!