Thursday, May 20, 2010

four months and a change

here's miss sadie's four month picture with her froggy

i've decided to make a change on my blog...

honestly, i'm a little burnt out on blogging. i've enjoyed talking about our life and what we're up to, but my time is much more limited now with a baby, and i don't feel like i'm utilizing the free time i have in the best way (i need to be spending time with my hubby, doing personal bible study, enjoying the outdoors...) instead i spend time blogging or reading blogs, which can be fun but time consuming SO...
i'll only be posting picture updates-mostly of sadie-so family and friends out of town can see how she's growing! and i've decided to quit reading blogs and try to only check email once or twice a week...the least amount of technology, the better (for me :)
i hope this will be a positive change and one that helps me to use my time better!
thanks for understanding and for reading for the past year and a half


  1. Very proud of you! Blogging can completely consume your life and sometimes its hard to know when enough is enough. I started posting every other day, if that, and I'm more sane for it! I'll continue to watch for updates of miss-sweetie-sadie!

  2. i completely understand--i'm down to posting basically just once a week. but still reading lots of blogs and that's WASTING my time. i need to follow your good example! (you will still read mine, right? ha!)

  3. I understand completely--there is so much to do and then add a new baby!! I do enjoy your blog so when you get time please put pics of Miss Sadie, you, Mike and family. I enjoy looking at everyone!! I also have read from time to time some other blogs and before you know it, its been 30 minutes.... We can't wait to see you in person. Let me know when or if you're coming to Montgomery so we can visit. The girls and I can't wait to meet Miss Sadie!