Saturday, February 5, 2011

let it snow

we got snowed in on thursday night/friday morning! it started about 10pm on thursday and kept snowing until at least 3 am...i would know because sadie kept us up half of the night, so every time i passed by the front door, i could see the beautiful snowflakes.
friday morning, we decided to get sadie out in the snow to see what she thought about it. this is not her first snow day, this was. but it's the first time she could walk and play in it.
here she is with daddy she got some snow on her mittens and wasn't sure about what was going on!

this one cracks me up. i was trying to get the huge hood out of the way to see her face, my hat was so far down on my head, you could barely see my eyes, plus i'm wearing pajama pants, rain boots, and my big red coat. texans are so not prepared for winter weather. :)

mike took this one of our backyard. i thought it looked so peaceful and serene.

the front of our house

and last night, we were getting a little tired of being inside, so to shake things up. sadie went on a "walk" around the house. she loved it!!

today, it's 60 degrees and beautiful outside, so we went to schmaltz for lunch (the best sandwiches ever) and took a little trip to toys r us for 1 dora doll...we came home with dora, boots, a soft snow white doll, and three dora books. can you tell miss sadie belle loves dora right now?!


  1. Oh, you have the kind of snow I want...snow, than WARM to melt it all!! We were snow bound all week! Got 2 more inches today, but it didn't stop hubs...he drove our whole family to the city so we could get our hair done!!!!!:) i love the pix of sadie questioning the snow!

  2. All so pretty....outdoor shots so pretty and will we still talk about Mom in her robe and mules? Little Sadie looks a little baffled by the snow! The shot of the back yard is so neat!!!

  3. so pretty! love the shot of sadie with the snow on her hands! and you're sporting quite the look the there in the snow! sounds like you had fun at toys r us. i used to love buying all those fun little girl toys!

  4. I love the fact that you're in Texas and she gets exposed to snow, and I'm in Ohio where we get snow all the time, and Quinlin has yet to play in it! (aside from her quick trips in and out of buildings from the car). Ha!