Monday, February 28, 2011

random monday

sadie and daddy at toys r us

well i am still without a new computer....BUT this week i will the proud new owner of a imac desktop!!!! (thanks danna for the suggestion) the desktop mac is going to work for us because we don't take our laptop on the go and it stays in our office all the time. i am beyond excited!!

so a few random tidbits for a monday:
  • mike's parents came to visit this weekend and took miss sadie to toys r' us and completely spoiled her with a doll, book, stroller for her babies, and a dora purse. she loves all her new stuff. thanks nama and grandpa!
  • sadie is teething the worst she ever has over the last few days and nights. i am running on very little sleep, and i'm just not used to a fussy baby. hopefully tonight will be better. i've been using motrin and oragel but i just don't want to give her motrin every night, so tonight i'm going to use homeopathic colic calm and see how that works. any suggestions would be helpful!!
  • today starts our healthy eating plan (again) so i bought all kinds of great healthy stuff at the grocery store today. my snacks will include carrots, strawberries, and sugar snap peas (thanks to erin at sunny side up). i'm trying to include more fish and lean meat for our dinners. and when i need my chocolate fix, i got the 100 cal choc. granola bits. try them, they are delish!
  • susanne and i have embarked upon a 3 month shopping challenge. we will call it "90 days of quality"- i just made that up susanne ;)- for the months of march, april, and may, we are ONLY buying quality clothing from stores like anthro, jcrew, banana republic, and the loft. we both have this habit of impulse buying cheap things at target or old navy instead of asking ourselves if we really NEED the item, or did we buy just cause it's $10. now you all know my absolute love of target, so this is definitely a challenge people. at the end of 3 months, we're going to see how many things we actually bought and how much we spent compared to our normal shopping habits. feel free to join in our challenge and let us know your results in may!

happy monday!

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  1. 90 days of quality--i love it! i went into target yesterday to return some cheap shoes that hurt but were so cute and i had to physically turn my head to look at the check out lanes instead of their cute new spring stuff!