Monday, September 12, 2011

me: a to z

i saw this on a blog and thought it would be fun to do! do any of my answers surprise you?

a. age: 30
b. bed size: king
c. chore you hate: unloading the dishwasher
d. dogs: 2 cocker spaniels, cooper and henry
e. essential start to your day: snuggle time with sadie
f. favorite color: aqua
g. gold or silver: silver
h. height: 5'5"
i. instruments you play: piano
j. job title: stay at home mama
k. kids: sadie isabella
l. live: waco, texas
m. maiden name: beene' (buh-nay)
n. nicknames: dandy
o. overnight hospital stay: when i had sadie-2 nights
p. pet peeve: my sweet husband leaving the scrub brush in the sink and people who talk about how great they are all the time
q. quote: just saw this one on a blog and loved it! "why do we close our eyes when we pray? when we cry? when we dream? or when we kiss? because we know the most beautiful things in life are not seen, but felt by heart."
r. righty or lefty: righty
s. siblings: older sis, susanne
t. time you wake up: depends on how the night goes, usually 8
u. university attended: mclennan community college for my business degree and champions school of real estate for my real estate license
v. veggies you dislike: brussel sprouts, tomatoes (is that a veggie or fruit?)
w. what makes you run late: my sweet husband ;)
x. x-rays you've had: my finger when i stuck my non-gloved hand out to stop a ball during a softball game
y. yummy food: lasagna, creme brulee, chuy's jalapeno ranch dip
z. zoo animal: monkey

and because i don't like to post without a is my sweet baby sadie almost 1 year ago...can you believe how much she's changed??
happy monday!